52nd edition /// September 16th 2023

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The oldest race in Europe

The Trail des Dents du Midi is indeed the oldest mountain race in Europe. It is a race that was created by local people under the aegis of the development society of Vérossaz and Fernand Jordan of the Daviaz ski club.

The test race took place in 1963 and the first official race in 1964, on August 29 and 30…

DDM Trail – Year 2020


of the participants

Merci à toutes l’organisation et aux bénévoles vous êtes toujours au top et c’est toujours un énorme plaisirs de faire cette course 👏👏👏👏👌🤙👍😉

Jean-Christophe Guinchard

Merci à toute l’équipe du DDM trail 🎉 sans vous, pas de course 🙏🌸

Sandra Cassi

C était juste top….une merveille….merciiiiii 🤩

Valérie Cavin

Bravo. Well done AGAIN!
Another excellent edition accomplished by a fantastic team: comity, volunteers and associates. It was mv pleasure and privilege to be there this time

Peter van Kampen

Bravo au comité ainsi qu’à tous les bénévoles pour cette magnifique édition.

Patrick Aeby

Bravo 🏋️‍♀️🏆🏋️‍♂️et encore et GRAND MERCI à tous le Staff 🌅 et VIVE le Trail Jubilaire 2021🎯⛏

Allemann Rudi

Un grand merci à tous ,comité, bénévoles et communes pour toute cette organisation 👍 ,que du bonheur !

Philippe Truffer

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Frequently asked questions/answers


There are 2 starts for the DDM|57 individual races and the relay, and you want to know the choice of the start time: It is free. The time is simply triggered by the runner when he/she crosses the start line thanks to our timing partner MSO. On the other hand, be careful, the time barriers are the same for all runners, that is to say 13h30 in Vérossaz and 16h30 in Salanfe. Adapt your choice of departure according to the time you think you will take.

In other words: The checkpoint in Vérossaz only opens at 9am. Runners who expect to reach Vérossaz from Champéry in less than 3 hours should start at 9am.

The relay is run in pairs. The 57K are divided in two, where each of the two parts of the course is run by one of the two teammates. The Discovery is a two-day race/walk, starting on Friday (1 day before the 57K) with an overnight stay in a B&B, and finishing at the same time as everyone else on September 19th at the end of the day.

Friday: At the shop Magasin Berdoz Opticien dans le marché Migros à Monthey, from 3:30pm to 6:30pm.

Saturday: In Champéry only, from 05h to 05h45 or from 07h30 to 08h30 (close to the departure).

The podium gave a time for men and women and all categories combined of 3h51 to 6h43. Find the results of last year on our site under Results. And you have a maximum of 10 hours to do it. This course is similar to the one of Sierre-Zinal, with more downhill, but more gentle.

Friday: At the shop Magasin Berdoz Opticien dans le marché Migros à Monthey, from 3:30pm to 6:30pm.

Saturday: In Vérossaz only, from 07h to 08h (close to the start).

Friday: At the shop Magasin Berdoz Opticien dans le marché Migros à Monthey, from 3:30pm to 6:30pm.

Saturday: In Champéry only, from 05h to 05h45, from 07h30 to 08h30 or from 10h30 to 12h30.

Yes, in collaboration with our mobility partner, the TPC, shuttles will be organized between Champéry and Vérossaz from 06:30 in the morning until 14:00. Take note of the schedules.

In Champéry, the parking is organized in front of the cable car. Signs and volunteers will show you where to park if necessary. In Vérossaz, the number of places is limited. It is therefore preferable to use the shuttle buses or to use carpooling or public transport.

Deposit areas are indicated and available in Champéry and Vérossaz.

Oui, un point dépôt-bagages est organisé et les sacs seront acheminés de Vérossaz à Champéry dans le cadre du DDM|32.

The DDM|J is a junior trail of 103K for 11-17 years old organized on Saturday in Champéry. The departure is from the center of the village, at the same departure as the 57K.

The DDM|K is a children’s trail of 0,9K for 0 to 10 year olds organized on Saturday in Champéry at 11:30 am, starting from the village center, at the same departure as the 57K

Games and bouncy castles.

In Champéry, the sports center of the palladium provides changing rooms and showers. No showers in Vérossaz, please take a change of clothes and shower in Champéry.

No equipment control this year, so no mandatory equipment this year, but it is still strongly recommended… Please do not forget to bring your equipment! We remind you that at the Col de Susanfe there can be negative temperatures and strong wind!

At all feeding stations there will be:

oranges | bananas | dried fruit | chocolate | cheese | bread | water | broth | hot tea | cold tea | cola | rivella | iso drink and energy bars | TUC

Over 800 registrants in 2020:

394 participants at the start of the MDD|57K
220 participants at the start of the MDD|32K
38 participants at the start of the MDD|10K
73 teams at the start of the MDD|R
20 participants at the start of the MDD|D