DDM|E Enterprise

DDM | 13 / J

Le DDM|13 et Junior –  Dans les pas des plus avancés

Departure : 1:00pm

The trail des Dents-du-midi is a competition that allows sportsmen and women from the region to compete against each other while wearing their company’s colors. It allows employees to unite around corporate sports by running or walking a 13 km course!

This race  is proposed with a departure from the same place as the basic race, crossing the districts and the village of Champéry to finish at the same place, under the big original arch of the mythical Trail.


The start is located on the village road, near the tourist office, under the DDM Trail arch.

The first 200 metres follow the gentle uphill slope of the Rue du Village. The next 700 metres continue along asphalt residential roads, followed by another 700-metre-long segment on a forest road. Runners will then cross a bridge over the Vièze River. Taking the Roc Coupé trail, head steeply uphill through forests and then pastures before reaching the race’s high point at the Belle-Etoile alpine suspension bridge, having cumulated about 500 metres elevation gain. Racers then follow the path to the Bonaveau Hut, where the route meets up with the original Trail itinerary. From here, it’s a steep descent back to Grand Paradis before crossing the bridge to the large parking lot at the Grand Paradis chairlift.

At the end of the parking lot, just at the edge of the forest, is the beginning of the Chemin des Pousettes, or ‘baby buggy trail’, a 700-metre-long forest path with an elevation loss of 34 m.

At the end of this path, the route continues through the quiet residential streets of Champéry village for another 670 metres to the Restaurant le Vieux-Chalet and the Boutique Hotel Beau-Séjour & Spa.

From here, you’ll coast down the Rue du Village on a cloud of euphoria to the sound of spectators cheering. Feel the thrill as the speaker calls out your name as you finally pass, like a conquering hero, under the arch at the finish line!